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Why is there a bulge on the side of my tire?

Why is there a bulge on the side of my tire?

Is a tire bulge serious?

Does the tire need to be replaced immediately or can it wait?

A Tire bulge is not normal and indicates internal damage to your tire that needs to be addressed immediately. Unlike a flat tire that can sometimes be repaired, a tire with a bulge must be replaced. Bulges often occur when you drive over pot holes, or uneven pavement or curbs at odd angles.

Luckily, our team at the TireZoo is adept at helping replace one or more tires at a time, matching the existing tires with quality used ones so that you can save money. We can review all your options, but don’t wait. A bulge in your tire is serious and indicates only a matter of time before you’ll have major, possibly dangerous, problems. You don’t want to be in the heart of Minneapolis on 35W north or on a remote country road in the heat of summer when your tire blows; especially when you could have prevented it by being aware of bulges!

This video explains what to look for on your tires: