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Custom Wheels

Outfit your vehicle with Custom Wheels and Rims

At TireZoo, in addition to tires, we offer the newest styles of custom wheels. We have many popular wheel and rim manufacturer styles to choose from at a competitive price.

Check out to see what looks good on your vehicle!

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Let our experienced staff help you accessorize the finishing touches to get the right custom wheels for your car or truck. Personalized service has been the name of the game for 30 years at our two Twin Cities locations – Bloomington and Anoka.

Custom Wheel Brands:
ADR, Alba, Alessio, AlloyTech, American Racing, ASA, Asanti, August, Avarus, Avenue, Axis, Bazo, BBS, Beyern, Black Rhino, Boss, Brazen, BZO, Centerline, Closeouts, Concept One, Coventry, Cray, Diamo, Dip, Drag Wheels, Drift Wheels, Driv, Dropstars, DUB, Eagle Alloys, Enkei, Euromax, Falken, Foose, Giovanna, GRacing, Helo, Ice Metal, Jesse James, K2 Design, KMC, Kyowa, Lexani, Lorenzo Forged, Mandrus, Metal FX, MHT, MKW, Motegi, Moto Metal, Motto, MSR, Neeper, New Styles, Niche, Oasis, OEM Replicas, OZ, Pacer Sport, Panther, Petrol, Primax, Quantum Tek, Redbourne, Savini, Speedy Wheels, Sportmax, Stern, Structure, TIS, TSW, Velocity, Venti, Verde, Victor Equipment, VooDoo, XD Series, Zenetti, Zinik, Zyoxx, and more!