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Tire and Tractor Tire Workout

Maybe you’ve seen or heard about workouts using large tires or tractor tires. People have been using tires for workouts for years, but traditionally you see athletes running through smaller tires. In recent years, trainers and athletes have found use for large tractor tires in their workout routines. Some are simply astounding. Here are some videos of ideas, in case you have a tire laying around you have a desire to throw, flip, or hula hoop with.

Tractor Tire Workout #1: Hula Hooping a 100 Pound Tire

Tractor Tire Workout #2: Flipping a 1200 Pound Tire, Oh My!

Tire Workout #3:  Train by Rolling Smaller Tires

Tire Workout #4: Dragging, Pushing, Throwing Tires

Tire Workout #5: Running Through Tires