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Top 10 Things Teen Drivers Should Be Taught to Do

Top 10 Things Teen Drivers Should Be Taught to DoDoes your teen driver know how to do these then things?

  1. Where to find the owner’s manual, maintenance schedule.
  2. Open the hood of the vehicle. This seems intuitive enough, but can be a stumbling block.
  3. Where and how to check the oil. It’s simple and easy to do.
  4. How to check tire pressure.
  5. How to refill window washer fluid.
  6. How to turn on and off the hazard lights.
  7. Where to find the spare tire, tire iron, jack.
  8. How to tell which side the gas tank is on and how to pump gas. Again, this seems intuitive, but there are many stories of kids that aren’t sure how to do this the first time they need to put gas in on their own.
  9. Routine visual and audible car inspections; what doesn’t look or sound right and what to do.
  10. How often to change the oil, air filters, tire rotations, and other maintenance for safe driving.