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Tires Wearing Prematurely

Tires Wearing PrematurelyWhy would your tires be wearing prematurely? There are things you can do to prevent tires wearing prematurely, and some are quite simple.

10 tips to help avoid your tires wearing prematurely
  1. Make sure you start with proper tread on your tires. We sell quality used and new tires, and will give you how many miles you can expect from the tread.
  2. Keep an eye on the tread and condition of your tires. 
  3. Check the pressure in your tires regularly. Whether you drive your vehicle all the time or it frequently sits unused, get in the habit of checking your tire pressure regularly. 
  4. Maintain the proper air pressure in the tires at all times. Under inflated or over inflated will both wear your tires prematurely, as well as effect your gas mileage. 
  5. The best time to measure the tire pressure is when the tires are cold, so don’t wait until after a long drive to check on them. Measure before you head out.
  6. Check the tread on your tires to make sure they are wearing evenly. Uneven wear can be a sign of other things wrong with your vehicle. Tires showing early signs of uneven wear will wear out prematurely if not corrected.
  7. Make sure your wheels are aligned and balanced properly to ensure even wear. If you need help, stop by the TireZoo. 
  8. Avoid quick stops and starts. The more aggressive your driving, the faster the wear on your tires.
  9. Never screech your tires. If you are hearing your tires, it’s not a good thing.
  10. Talk to the experts at TireZoo for advice on how best to care for your new tires. We’re here to help!