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Tire Tread Patterns: What Are Your Tires Telling You?

tire tread patterns and wear patternsNot sure how to listen to your tires? We’ll try to help. However, if “think” something isn’t quite right, it’s better to stop in and have us take a look than to guess or risk more serious problems later. In many cases, simply altering how much the tire is inflated or rotating the tires is all that is needed. At other times,there may be much bigger underlying issues that need to be immediately addressed.

Common Tire Tread Wear Patterns

Tread of Your Tire is Worn Down on the Outside: Worn tread on the outsides of your tires is usually an indication of under-inflation. Check the proper inflation of your tires and adjust.

Tread of Your Tire is Worn Down in the Middle: When only the middle tread is worn down on your tires, it’s likely due to over-inflation. Check the proper inflation of your tires, or let us take a look.

Visible Cracks Anywhere on Your Tire: Old tires, tires exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of times, and tires that have hit curbs or potholes can have bulges or cracks visible to the eye. (They can also have damage that isn’t visible)

All tire tread will eventually wear down, and it will be time to get newer tires. Make sure you are rotating your tires at proper intervals, inspecting them often, and calling us with any questions or concerns. We want you SAFE on the road!