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Teaching New Drivers About Tires

teaching new drivers about tiresGetting your first drivers permit at age fifteen (in Minnesota) is a big deal. Teachers, parents, and driver’s education instructors spend a lot of time teaching the basics of how to drive, laws, and safety. The care of tires and other vehicle maintenance related issues are important to  start teaching as well, as we prepare young drivers for a lifetime of safe driving. Drivers needs to be aware of potential issues with owning and operating a vehicle, as well as be prepared to handle a variety of circumstances. From prepared winter driving, to oil changes and spare tires, remember to cover all the basics with new drivers.

Things You Want to Remember When Teaching New Drivers

  1. Where the drivers manual is located. Seems simple, but do young drivers even know something exists and why they’d need it?
  2. Important numbers: License plate, VIN, Insurance Policy, Drivers/Permit license number, AAA
  3. The importance of oil changes and how often, including where you go for this.
  4. The importance of proper tire inflation and tread, as well as rotation schedule. (The TireZoo has two locations to better serve you in Bloomington and Anoka, MN)
  5. Where the spare tire is located. Do they know how to get it out?
  6. What to do in case of a flat tire or engine trouble while driving.
  7. If you have a preferred auto mechanic, does your new driver know the name, business, and phone number?
  8. Winter survival kit, blankets, and other important items for winter driving.
  9. How to open the hood of the car.
  10. How to disarm/shut off the car alarm.

What would you add to this list? There is a lot of things to remember when first learning to drive. The more things that can be healthy and safe habits from the start, the better driver the person will eventually become. If you need help with tires, let us know. We’ll be happy to help you stay safe on the road.