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Teaching Kids About Car Care

teaching kids about car care and tiresIt’s important that kids learn about the proper care of vehicles. Long before they can drive, they can help keep a vehicle clean (inside and out) and other simple maintenance tasks. Kids ride with you to get the oil changed and tires rotated. Explain the basics of why this is important. Kids learn from example, so show them how to test tire pressure, tire tread, and where to find the drivers manual.

As kids get older and start to think about driving, safety  is key. They’ve been a passenger and a pedestrian a long time. Talk about basic safety and driving laws. Point out things when opportunity arises, and take the time to answer questions.

The Girls Scouts recognize the importance of teaching young ladies about proper car care and maintenance. They even have a “Car Care” badge that can be earned as part of their practical living skills.  Boy Scouts have a merit badge for Auto Maintenance too. It’s a wonderful skill to encourage young people to explore.