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Snow Tires vs All Season Tires

snow tires vs all season tiresIf you live in Minnesota, you know that winter driving conditions are as random as rolling dice. One day it’s sunny and dry, and the next day you’re asking your passenger to help you see the white line to keep you from driving into the ditch. Winter is on all our minds, as we wonder what mother nature has in store for us this year.

Living in Minnesota means you can benefit greatly from using snow tires, and here’s why. Snow tires (or winter tires as many refer to them as) are designed for the purpose of handling better on snow covered, snow compacted, and ice coated roads. It’s engineered to provide the best grip possible under the worst conditions, including a wide range of precipitation and extreme cold temperatures. If these conditions seem much too familiar, then you need to consider the use of snow tires this season and the added safety and security they offer.

Snow Tires vs All Season Tires: What’s the Difference?

Yes, your all season tires are terrific and designed to handle a wide range of uses. But, all season tires are not the same as snow tires. All season tires are popular in the US, likely because many areas of the country can get by with them year round. Minnesota is not your average, moderate climate state. We have extremely hot and humid summers, and we have winters that can knock your socks off. When you use an all season tire, that was designed to be a compromise of desired tire properties, you’re getting just that; a compromise. It’s comparable to buying a nice fleece jacket that works well in all seasons for MOST parts of the country. A fleece jacket isn’t going to cut it on a 30 degree below day in January with a 40 mile per hour north wind gust.

The same goes for your all season tires. You can’t expect a tire to optimally handle snow, slush, and ice when it wasn’t designed to do that. Snow tires are your best choice for traction and control of your vehicle.It’s not advisable that you use snow tires year round, however, and will need to switch back to your all season tires or previous “warmer season” tires.

If you are unsure if snow tires are right for your vehicle, driving habits, and/or geographical location, contact the TireZoo today. We can review some key questions with you to make sure you have the best tires for your situation.

How exactly do snow tires work?

Watch this video for further explanation.