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Preparing for Winter Roads

It won’t be long and we Minnesotan’s will be preparing for winter driving. Yuck! Whether we like it or not, we have to drive in miserable conditions. Having a winter survival kit in the car is a must, but here’s a few other items I always make sure I have along, so I don’t drive myself nuts with worry.

1. Cell phone and charger. I know it’s not the end all, but it helps put my mind at ease should we have car trouble.

2. Plenty of blankets. Whether we use them in an emergency or not, the kids love having the comfy, cozy blankets in the truck. Some days even the truck’s heater isn’t enough to cut the cold wind that makes its way in. A blanket along side the door can be a really nice buffer.

3. A shovel. If you don’t need it, your fell traveler might. Having a shovel in your vehicle can help in a variety of situations.

4. Jumper cables. You never know when you might need to jump your car or help someone else jump their car. We’re known for Minnesota Nice, for a reason.

5. Ice scraper. Just because you get to park your car in the garage over night, doesn’t mean mother nature can’t dump a load of snow while you’re parked somewhere. You’ll want to be prepared.

6. Warm, practical hats and mittens. The cute ones you like to wear that match your coat are nice, but won’t save your digits in the icy, Minnesota wind. Always keep the thick, ugly, warm versions somewhere in your vehicle. This includes snow boots too.

7. All the rest of the items that are recommended in a winter survival kit.

And of course, always check your windshield wiper fluid, tire air pressure, oil, and gas level before leaving the driveway.

Where do Minnesotan’s find room to fit the kids or groceries? Very carefully. How do we haul food and gifts during the holidays? Plan months in advance, fill in every conceivable space, and always leave room for the critical, life-saving items.

Can you think of anything I’ve missed?