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Slippery Roads Safety

slippery road safety with good tires from TireZooIf you feel you’re slipping and sliding all over the road, and there’s barely any snow on the ground, it could be your tires. Winter driving is certainly a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be harder and more risky with poor tires.

People often make the mistake of not checking the tread, pressure, and condition of their tires. They “look” nice, or in their head they do a mental tally of when they bought the tires, instead of calculated how many miles are actually on the tires or how old the tires are.

Slippery Roads Safety

The Minnesota Department of Transportation does a great job of plowing and removing snow, as well as sanding and salting roads. Here is more information about Minnesota roads, safety, and snowplowing.

Drivers can get up-to-date road conditions from Minnesota Traveler Map 24/7.

You need to check your tires and help keep yourself and others safe on the winter roads. Proper tread and condition of your tires will effect how your vehicle handles on slippery roads. Tires can’t always stop you from sliding, but they can significantly improve vehicle response.

So if you’re sliding through intersections, get your tires checked. You can stop by either of the TireZoo locations in Anoka or Bloomington, MN and we’ll help you check your tires and replace any that need replacing.

Winter Driving Problems

winter driving problemsSome people love the snow. Others dread it. All Midwesterners have to deal with it at some point. Unless we want to stay cooped up in our houses for four months, we’re forced to drive in winter weather conditions.

Many winter driving problems can be avoided or lessened with proper preparation. Here are some tips to help you avoid or deal with undesirable winter driving problems:

  • Check your tire condition now. Check for proper tread, proper inflation, and any other issues like bulges or uneven wearing. If you’re not sure how to do this, stop by and we’ll take a look.
  • Get your oil changed, tires rotated, and other general maintenance done. Winter is NOT the time to gamble with your vehicle running well.
  • Talk to a tire specialist at the TireZoo about whether snow (winter) tires are a good option for you.
  • Have winter gear in your vehicle and be prepared for a situation where you’d be stalled for a while on the side of the road.
  • Never go anywhere, especially at night or in stormy conditions without someone knowing that you’re traveling and which route you’re taking.
  • Keep your phone charged and a charger with you, but don’t assume your phone will work when you need it.
  • At the first indication of trouble, pull your car off the road and away from other traffic.
  • Alert oncoming traffic that you’re there, especially if visibility is pour. Use your hazard lights or reflector triangles behind your vehicle.
  • In the case of a flat tire, call a tow truck unless you know how to change the tire and have all the necessary items to change the tire and keep yourself safe and warm while doing so.
  • Calling 911 is always an option if you are worried about your safety, have children in the car, and your situation is hazardous.