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Vehicle and Travel Hacks

travel hacks for your next road tripAre you itching to take a road trip? Maybe you have one planned for spring break, or maybe you are already thinking ahead to this summer. A road trip is a great chance to travel according to your own schedule, and visit only the places you want to. Regardless of when you go, these travel hacks will make a few things a little easier, cheaper, and less hectic.

a Collection of Travel Hacks for Road Trips


First up is the need to map your route. There are many great options for doing this:

  • Place a map in a plastic cover (large clear storage bag or plastic sleeve) and use a dry erase marker to draw out your route. Hand this to your passenger, and they become your own personal GPS.
  • Not sure where you want to go ahead of time?  Using Google Maps on your cellphone will work extremely well. A simple sticky pad can hold your phone on the dashboard and turn it into your GPS navigator. You can also save maps for later viewing when you have WiFi to avoid draining all your data.


There are also lots of road trip apps available to make your trip easier and more fun:

  • There are several apps out there, such as Gas Buddy, that can help you find the cheapest gas nearest to you.
  • Need a game to pass the time, try the Family Car Games app will suggest a wealth of games that you do not need special supplies for.
  • Road Trip for iPhone will allow you to keep track of all your expenses, timing, and fuel economy.
  • Need a break from technology? Try our collection of travel games you can print off ahead of time.


Organization in your car is important. Here are a few tips to make the most of your space:

  • Try leaving the suitcases at home and instead use plastic organizing draws to optimize the space usage in your trunk.
  • Shoe organizers on the back of seats provide great storage for maps, fun supplies for the kids and other small items you bring on the road with you.
  • A plastic cereal container makes a great garbage can.

Travel Comfort and Entertainment

Travel comfort is also very important whether while on the road or when you are taking a quick break:

  • A neck pillow is a great idea for those who wish to nap in the car.
  • You can also buy a Travel Car Mattress to turn your back seats into a bed.
  • Dryer sheets can also be a great thing to bring with you to help freshen up the car on day 8!
  • Need a break form technology? Try our collection of travel games and entertainment on Pinterest.

Travel Snacks

What travel hack would you add to this list? Have you made a modification that save you time, money, or frustration? Please share!

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