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How Important is Tire Rotation?

How Important is Tire RotationIn the most “perfect” of circumstances, such as a brand new vehicle with brand new tires, tires will still wear unevenly. Tires can wear unevenly individually, as well as the front and rear tires can also wear differently. When you rotate your tires an regular intervals, it allows the tires to wear in different locations on the vehicle and therefore, even out the wear over time. 

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How Important is Rotating Tires

how important is rotating tiresRotating your tires is important, because you want them to wear evenly. Tires don’t wear evenly if left in the same spot continuously. Therefore, it’s important to rotate them on a regular basis according to your auto manual or every few oil changes.

Just How Important is Rotating Tires and Why?

Front tires wear more quickly than rear tires. Uneven tire tread thickness will present you with uneven braking and poor handling. Not only does rotating your tires help them to wear evenly, but it prevents you from having to replace tires two at a time. If you buy new tires for the front, and leave existing tires on the back, you’ll have uneven tread thickness. Keeping your tires rotated periodically and then replacing all four at the same time, whether quality used or new tires, will keep handling and braking traction of the car balanced.

The TireZoo in Anoka and Bloomington both offer tire rotation services. If you have lost track of your recent tire rotation schedule or purchased a different vehicle, stop by and let us take a look. We can assess your tires, check tread, rotate them as needed, and/or replace and match any tires with existing tire tread should one or more tires need replacement. We are here for all your tire questions and needs.