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Living Off the Grid with the Help from Tires

Efforts to reuse, recycle, and re-purpose items is constantly evolving as we figure out ways to do more than just turn old paper into new paper. Scientists, architects and environmentalists have been working toward making sustainable living more mainstream, as we reevaluate the demands of Americans and our consumer habits. While living off the grid isn’t on the minds of every American, it is increasing in popularity and probability.

The millions of old tires produced and discarded in the United States have found a role in the creation and building plans of what people commonly call Earthships. These buildings are self-sustaining and are made out of what many would term junk; glass bottles, plastic containers, and tires. Tires are used in the foundation of many of these Earthships, and detailed systems are incorporated to provide water from rain and electricity from solar panels. There are many videos on YouTube highlighting some of the Earthships being built, but here is one from the Tulsa, New Mexico area where an entire community of Earthships exists.

Have you seen an Earthship before? Would you or could you live out of a self-sustaining home like this?