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Demystifying Tire Speed Ratings

What is a tire speed rating? Do I need to care?Tire Speed Ratings

First let’s give you the text book answer. The chart at the right describes Tire Speed Ratings.

Looking at these numbers you may be saying to yourself, “I have V rated tires on my Camry, and it won’t even go 137 mph”. While that is true,  a V rated tire does corner and handle differently than a T rated tire.

Depending on your vehicle and your driving habits, you can change the speed rating to a lower rating. However, if you are an aggressive driver, you will notice a difference in high speed cornering.

Advantages of going with a lower speed rated tire:

  • For winter driving- a lower speed rated tire will be better for snow traction.
  • Lower speed rated tires are usually a higher mileage rated tire.

The most beneficial down size would be to go from a V rated tire to an H.