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Organizing Phone Chargers and Adapters in Your Car

Organize cell phone charger cordsIf you are like most families, you have a plethora of chargers and adapters for cell phones, smart phones, iPods, touch screen devices, and more. Add in ear buds and battery chargers and you have a mess of cords that can become tangled and time consuming to sort through. With all of us on the go and taking our devices with in the car, we end up with a mangled mess of cords in the console or strewn around the vehicle. How do you keep phone chargers, cords, and adapters organized? Try the trick of small Ziploc bags. Give each cord its own Ziploc bag and seal it. This way when they are gathered up or placed in a bin or console the cords can’t tangle. If you have multiple devices and have trouble keeping them straight, label the bags for quick and easy access.

When you get rid of a cell phone or other device, make sure you take its cords out of the mix. With rapidly changing technology, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use the cord on your next device. It’s better to give it to someone who can use it or recycle.

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