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Should I Buy Used Tires

Should I Buy Used TiresThe answer to “should I buy used tires” is absolutely if it makes sense for you. Here are some common reasons people opt for used tires over new.

  • Cash is low and budgets are tight! If you simply can’t afford new tires right now, but better tires are required to be safer on the road, then consider quality used tires.
  • Two tires need replacing or one tire had a blow out! If you don’t need a new set of four, don’t buy them when one, two, or three used tires will do. We can match the tread of your remaining tires.
  • Planning to sell, trade, or scrap your car! If you’re not planning to own your vehicle for much longer or not sure how long it will last before it goes to the vehicle scrap yard in the sky, used tires are an excellent option. We know it’s hard to justify spending money on four brand new tires when a vehicle is on its last leg.
  • The end of your lease is near! We’ll help you find used tires that will pass lease inspection.
  • Darn those front-end problems! If your car is having front-end issues that you can’t afford to address and fix right now, let used tires take the wear and tear right now.
  • Your off-roading hobbies or rough driving conditions wear on tires! If you tend to be hard on your tires or risk blowing them out, used tires are a great idea especially if you drive on unusual places such as off-road, potholes and rough terrain frequently.
  • You’re committed to saving money or reaching a person goal! We have a very large inventory of used tires, many of which are “like new” in condition, but cost considerably less. We can help you save money and reach your savings goal. 


We offer a 30 day warranty on used tires from the date of purchase. There’s no need to worry about the quality of used tires; the TireZoo has only a 5% return rate on used tires. That is extremely low. If you have questions about why you should buy used tires or if new tires are a better idea, give us a call. fill out the form below, or stop by. We’ll be upfront with you and give you the answers you deserve!

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