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School Bus Safety Reminders

school bus safetySchools are back in session! In Minnesota, school buses make at least 10,000 trips daily according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Nationwide over 20 million children ride the school bus daily. Most of these trips are completed without incident, but occasionally inattentive vehicle drivers cause accidents.

Most school bus related accidents happen as children are entering or exiting the bus, not while they are riding the bus. Remember school buses make frequent stops and when they are stopped children are nearby.

A few School bus safety reminders for when you’re driving:

  • Stop at least 20 feet from a school bus that has flashing red lights and/or its stop arm is extended. This is the law in Minnesota when approaching from behind or from the front on undivided roads.
  • Red flashing lights mean that students are entering or exiting the bus.
  • If a bus in on the opposite side of a separated roadway (i.e. median) motorists are not required to stop, but should remain alert.
  • Watch for school zones. Speed limits are reduced in these areas.
  • Watch for bus stops. Wherever you see bus stops and buses there are usually children nearby.

Always be prepared and remain alert. The beginning of each school year is always an adjustment for motorists and children. Children are getting back in the routine and in some cases learning what they need to do to be safe when riding and approaching a school bus. Motorists have been driving all summer without many school buses on the road. If your route to work in the morning crosses a school bus route give yourself a little extra time and be patient.

Minnesota School Bus and Safety Laws

school bus safety in Minnesota and lawsWith the onset of a new school year, millions of kids are riding the school bus. Do your kids know the school bus rules? Do you know the laws pertaining to sharing the road with a school bus?

The Minnesota State Statutes are posted here, covering school bus laws and children’s safety.

Maybe you are interested in reading the Minnesota School Bus Driver’s Handbook, by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.