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Potholes and Flat Tires: Welcome Spring!

spring driving, potholes and flat tires, bulgesWe all do a kind of PacMan-type drive to avoid potholes, swerving back and forth, and quickly changing directions. The manner in which we try to avoid hitting large potholes certainly throws linear driving out the window so to speak, and is almost comical at times. But, hitting potholes is no joke, and your tires certainly aren’t laughing.

Potholes and flat tires; do they necessarily go hand in hand? Sometimes, but not always. Unfortunately there’s no way to predict which pothole will cause damage to your tires or how many times it takes to hit a pothole before your tire can’t take it anymore. While hitting a pothole could result in a flat tire, it’s more likely that they will cause internal damage to your tire. Cords on the inside of your tire can break and cause a bulge in your tire. You want to check for this frequently, especially in the spring when potholes are at their worst and road crews have not been out to fill them yet.

In addition to hitting potholes, driving over uneven payment, hitting or sliding into curbs, etc can also cause damage to your tires resulting in bulges or flat tires. If you did plenty of sliding into curbs and snow banks this winter, it’s a good idea to check them over!

A tire with a bulge must be replaced. If only one of your tires has a bulge and the others seem fine, you should stop into the TireZoo and let us check over all your tires. If only one needs to be replaced and the other tires have plenty of life left, you do not need to replace all four tires! The TireZoo can help you replace one tire, matching the existing tires with a quality used one.