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What’s the Oddest Item Left in Your Vehicle?

Are you a fan of “Storage Wars”? If so, you likely catch yourself wondering the history of so many strange items left abandon in storage units. Just like storage units, public transits and rental car companies can give you a long list of strange items left by people who don’t seem care or don’t take the time to retrace their steps to locate their prosthetic limb or television remote. Can you imagine the person digging the house apart looking for the remote, or why he/she brought it on the bus in the first place?

Anyone who owns and drives a vehicle has passengers who occasionally forget items. The frequency of items left laying in the vehicle increases exponentially when the frequent passengers are kids. Owners are left cleaning out their vehicles wondering who left a sock or why a school text book hasn’t been missed yet. So to create our own fun survey, leave a comment answering the question, “What is the oddest item left in your vehicle?” Is there a short story you can share about it?

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