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Double Check Tire Pressure in Extreme Cold

minneapolis mn cold weather tire pressure

If you’ve turned on the television only to find a weatherman or woman a little too excited to be pointing to Minneapolis, MN and sharing sub-zero temperature predictions, there maybe something not running through your mind…Tires!

If it’s been a while since you last checked your tire pressure, it would be a good idea to check again. With temperatures dipping into the negative teens and even negative twenties, everything, including your tires, responds to the extremely cold temperatures. You may need to add air to keep them at the recommended tire pressure for your car/tire. You can check your vehicle manual for this information. Cold weather, like the kind we’ve been having, will cause the air inside your tires to contract. When this happens your tires are actually underinflated. You don’t want to drive on underinflated tires. When roads get snow and ice covered, you want as much safety and control as possible.

If you are questioning whether your tires are safe or in proper condition, stop by and see us. We’ll help make sure you have safe tires on your vehicle. We can help you work around your budget, finding new or quality used tires.