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Using the Express Lanes-Minneapolis

express lane minneapolisThere are lots of questions about who and how to use the metro express lanes that primarily exist on I-494, I-394, and I-35. The express lanes were designed to help with traffic flow and safety, while encouraging people to carpool. So, what exactly constitutes carpooling?

Who Can Use the Express Lanes in Minneapolis/St. Paul Area?

According to the Minnesota Statutes 2014, Chapter 169.011, Subdivision 14, is a “prearranged ride-sharing arrangement in which two or more persons travel together on a regular basis in an automobile, especially to and from their place of employment or to and from a transit stop authorized by a local transit authority.” Furthermore, the Minnesota Department of Transportation considers infants and children passengers, so those driving carpool with two or more persons can use the Express lanes and do not have to pay to use the lanes. Single drivers can get a MnPass and more information about paid use of the Express Lanes can be found here.

Carpooling Kids?

Here is our most recent guide to driving carpool with some hints for keeping your sanity.

Need more info on the EZ Pass for Minnesota?

Here is the link to Express Lanes & EZ Pass information on the MN DOT.