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MN Law Pertaining to Rear View Mirrors

mn law rear view mirrorAre you tempted by fuzzy dice? While hanging things on the rear view mirror is iconic in old movies, it is against the law in Minnesota. Maybe you’ve never heard this and been doing it for years. If so, you’ve been lucky. The Minnesota State Statute for windshield and rear view mirror obstruction is quite clear. There are very few exceptions, so it’s best you remove anything you have hanging and read through the law.

If you have hanging parking lot permits, hanging handicap parking permits, or other items made to be displayed on your rear view mirror, simply take them down while driving. Keep them in a handy spot to display after you’ve parked your vehicle.

If you want to review the law yourself, you can find it here.

If you have any questions about MN law, pulling up the state statutes is the best resource. If you have questions about tires, the Tire Zoo is your best resource. We’ll answer your questions or help with anything we can, without pressuring you to buy something you don’t need or spend money on tires that aren’t right for your purposes.