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Minneapolis, MN Food Challenge

Did you see  “Man vs Food” featured a little while back in Minneapolis,with guest appearance by Minnesota’s own Andrew Zimmern? It’s always great to see celebrities and television coverage in our own great state, but it always seems to come around to Lutefisk at some point, doesn’t it? Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area has a host of fabulous cuisine and eating establishments, and of course, our guests are treated to gelatinous fish. Are you a fan of Lutefisk? Where’s your favorite place to eat that you think really represents Minnesota’s finest foods? One of my favorite restaurants is Thanh Do in St. Louis Park, MN.

Without further ado, here’s the clip. The best line has got to be about the fish tasting like “frozen Vaseline”. You be the judge:


Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN Metro Area EZ Pass Rules

ez pass and express lane rules in mnSomeone recently made the news when he used a life-sized doll in his passenger side to appease the Express Lane rules. While carpool drivers and their passengers travel for free, an EZ Pass is required for anyone traveling solo in the Express Lane. The last I checked, all dolls and inanimate objects lack a reason to carpool anywhere. This applies to your pets too!

According to the MnPass website,  “Its (EZ Pass) purpose is to maintain traffic flow and alleviate congestion.”

Frequently Asked Questions about the EZ Pass, Express Lanes, and rules are found here.


Get to Know Your Tire Zoo of Minnesota


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