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A Kind-Of Funny, But Not Too Funny Winter To-Do List for Minnesota

to do list to prepare for winter in minnesota, funnyWhether you need to buy some items to prepare for winter, or simply gather some things from around your house, this progressive “to do” list will help any Midwesterner get ready for the winter weather on its way.

While this list is meant to be funny, you really do need to make sure your vehicle and tires are in good condition.

What to do first…

Locate a Shovel for when the snow starts to fly. Shoveling seems easy at first; maybe even fun. Eventually shoveling will seem insurmountable and lose its appeal completely.

Get A Snow Blower Tune-Up for when the shovel no longer cuts it.

Buy Heat Additive and/or Block Heaters for those poor vehicles that sit outside and may need a little early morning help.

Find the Bags of Salt to melt snow and ice from sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways thereby hopefully reducing what we’ll call “incidents”.

Window Plastic might not be a bad idea if you have leaky windows, and we get the winter that’s being predicted. You’ll want to seal out old man winter if you can.

Put Out Mouse Traps so that furry friends don’t make it into your boat, camper, or house after they discover such places are warmer than the elements outside.

Snow Tires; Never a bad idea for many people’s vehicles. Call us if you’re wondering if snow tires, aka winter tires, are right for your vehicle.

Tire Chains are necessary for those who pull heavy snow duty, and you know who you are.

Flags for the end of your driveway or edge of your sidewalk so you don’t drive where you shouldn’t once everything is monochromatic.

Buy a New Pair of Gloves, as you’ll only find one from last year. It’s Murphy’s Law.

Pick up Some Hand Warmers, as these work great if you can find a pair of anything to place them in.

Sleds are a must to entertain the kids and get them out of the house on those inevitable snow days off of school. The buses won’t get them to school, but you’ll still have to go to work.

You’ll Need a Windshield Scraper to chisle the snow and ice off your windshield if you had to park outside of the garage due to a pile of sleds and snow gear left in your parking stall. Let’s face it. The less-desirable credit card you’re using to scrape ice really isn’t sufficient if you just admit it.

Assemble a Winter Survival Kit when things don’t go as planned and you need supplies until your ride arrives.

Get a Snow Rake! Do you not remember last winter? Keep snow off your roof and hopefully avoid ice dams.

Find Your Ski Mask so you can simultaneously stay warm, scare the neighbors, and scrape ice dams off your roof.

Put Extra Blankets in Your Vehicle, but don’t buy these. Well, you can if you want, but who doesn’t have a pile in a closet somewhere waiting to be put to good use?  Saving a life in the frigid weather seems to be the best destiny possible for these blankets.

What’s on your list? What would you add to this?