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Minnesota Landmarks with Musical Ties

The summer is the perfect time for a Minnesota road trip!  If you enjoy music or are a fan of Prince, Bob Dylan, or Weird Al, here are some fun musical Minnesota landmarks you can visit.

Minnesota Landmarks for Music Lovers

Bob Dylan – Hibbing, Minnesota

Bob Dylan was born in Duluthmusical Minnesota Landmarks and also lived in Minneapolis and Hibbing, Minnesota.  Before he was famous, he was known for hanging out in coffee houses in Dinkytown playing music with friends while he attended the University of Minnesota. Here are some Bob Dylan sites in Minnesota that would be fun to visit in Hibbing, Duluth, and Dinkytown.

Prince – Chanhassen, Minnesota

Many people may not realize that Paisley Park was a song, back in 1985, long before it was a recording studio. The song also eventually led to the name of Prince’s record label, Paisley Park Records. Today, you can take a road trip to the 65,000-square-foot, $10 million recording complex and visit the Paisley Park Museum. Both the Current and Explore Minnesota have also put together a list of self-guided tour stops for Prince fans that include First Avenue, public murals of Prince, the house from Purple Rain, and more. 

Weird Al Yankovic – Darwin, Minnesota

Unlike Prince and Bob Dylan who both grew up in Minnesota, Weird Al just wrote a song about one of its quirky tourist spots. In his song, “The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota” Weird Al sings about Darwin’s landmark in a classic Minnesota accent.  Besides the world’s largest ball of twine, there are many other highway highlights in Minnesota worth stopping at.

Ready for your Minnesota road trip? Make sure your car is ready to put some miles on and you have supplies and snacks, then hit the open road! Here is a road trip playlist of Minnesota songs to get you started.