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Flat Tire

free tire repair couponWhat happens if I drive on a flat tire?

Is it ok if I drive on a flat tire for a short distance?

When driving in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area, it’s likely you use freeways and high traffic/high speed areas that make navigating a flat tire a little more tricky, and a lot more dangerous. If you are traveling on a freeway, you need to get to the far right emergency lane as soon as you suspect a flat tire. Don’t wait. If you were traveling at highways speeds when you experienced a flat tire, it’s likely that the tire isn’t salvageable. Whether or not your tire can be fixed is not your immediate concern. Safety is.

As soon as you move to your far right, emergency lane, assess the nearest off ramp, side road, or parking lot. If it’s possible, get yourself and car off the roadway. You can drive on a flat tire for a very short distance, but the longer you drive, the more you increase your chances of damaging the tire and wheel. If you MUST drive, it’s best to go very slow and travel the least amount of distance possible.

If you are parked and notice a flat tire or excessively low tire, put your spare tire on your vehicle. We can help you assess damage, fix tires, and replace a single tire to match your existing tires after situations such as these.

Free Flat Tire Repair Coupon

We offer a Free Tire Repair coupon if your tire is fixable, as well as savings on new and used tires if your tire is not repairable.

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