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How Do I Read My Tire Size?

read size of tiresHow Do Measure What Size Tire I Need?

It’s a common question, but you don’t measure your tires; you figure out what size tires you need.

Many people don’t know off the top of their heads what size tires they have. When it comes time to shopping for a new tire, it is necessary to figure this out. Obviously the team at the TireZoo will determine this for you, if you stop by.

If you want to determine the size of your tires, look on the sidewall of your tire. You will see a number like:  (P265/50/R20). This number will give you the information you need.  The first, P265, refers to Tread Width. The second, 50, refers to Sidewall Height. The last one, R20 refers to Rim Diameter.

We have a great visual diagram how to read your tire size here.

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