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Learner Permits: A Rite of Passage

Learner PermitsIf it’s been a while since you took your Minnesota driver’s test, you may not be aware of the requirements for today’s teens. While the feelings of anxiety, mixed with excitement may not be too hard to conjure up, parents may be surprised to find out that a few things have changed.

According to the MN DMV website, students must be at least 15 years old and have completed 30 hours of driver education classroom instruction in order to qualify for an instruction permit. Once they have their learners permit, some additional rules now apply. Cell phone use while driving is not allowed, although I think we can all agree this isn’t a good scenario anyway. There are also restrictions about nighttime driving, passengers, and more.

In addition to teaching laws and regulations, we want to encourage you to teach your teen about proper vehicle maintenance and how to pay attention when something isn’t quite right. Keeping the oil changed, how to check oil level, checking tire pressure and tread, rotating tires, and regular tune-ups are all important.