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Debris in Road

Prevent, Remove, and Report Debris in the Road in Minnesota

You wouldn’t believe the items we find in tires. Or maybe you would. If you’ve ever worked a roadside clean up, you’ve seen the garbage and debris that lands along the road.The items pictured above are just a small sampling of the items we’ve found in tires. Some items have gone through both the tire and the rim!

With so many items, it’s only a matter of time before one ends up in a tire. So, what can you do?

First, be aware of your own actions and be responsible for not adding to the debris in the road. Secure items you’re hauling, and never throw or leave anything alongside the road. Small and large items will fall out or blow out of trailers and pick-ups if not properly contained or secured.

Second, if you do notice something has dropped, go back and get it off the road or ditch at your earliest and safest opportunity.

Third, report debris. Safety of yourself and others is important. While it’s important to remove debris from the highway, it’s critical not to put yourself in harms way. To report debris or unsafe roads when they are local, city or county roads, contact your local law enforcement or city/county. For unsafe Minnesota highways, you can find a list of contact information for each area here.