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Christmas Gift Ideas for Commuters

  1. Christmas Gift Ideas for CommutersIonic Air Purifier: Lots of time inside a vehicle can mean stale, smelly, and dusty air. An Ionic Air Purifier might be a perfect gift for someone who would appreciate a clean, fresh vehicle inside.
  2. Car Detailing Certificate: Who wouldn’t want the inside of their vehicle cleaned and carpets shampooed.
  3. Remote Starter Kit: On frosty mornings there’s nothing better than leaving for work in a pre-warmed vehicle.
  4. Mobile Coffee Maker: Nothing says, “Christmas Gift Ideas for Commuters” like a mobile coffee maker! Not that practical, but definitely a solution for a coffee lover who wants to multi-task with a long commute ahead.
  5. Cargo Saddle Bags: Similar to a motorcycle or bicycle saddle bag, these are soft sided and helpful when having to haul more than will fit inside your vehicle.
  6. Bluetooth/Touch Screen Gloves: Stay off your phone while driving, but be able to check messages without removing your gloves.
  7. Noise Canceling Smart Phone or Headphones: Perfect for frequent public transportation commuters and air travelers. Block out the noise around you.
  8. Jumper Cables: Anyone who parks their car outside over night throughout the winter will appreciate a set of jumper cables at some point.
  9. First Aid Kit: You never know when and what will be needed.
  10. Winter Survival Kit: From a kit to warm blankets, shovels, and cold weather gear, the commuters in your live will know their loved with this potentially life saving gift.
  11. Sirius Radio: Give the gift of no commercials and desired tunes during their commute.
  12. A New Set of Tires: Whether new or quality used, a college commuter will love this gift. The TireZoo can help you shop for this item. Give us a call!
  13. Gas Cards: Not glamorous, but definitely appreciated and guaranteed to get used more than a tie.