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Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

car ready for winter

Check wiper blades. Your wiper blades need to function during snow storms, as well as periodic warm trends when mud and slush are flying around on the roadways. 

Fill wiper fluid. Good wipers and plenty of washer fluid is essential to safe driving.

Find your ice scraper. Have a sturdy ice scraper and brush in your vehicle to reduce time spent trying to clean off fresh snow and ice.

Change your oil. Not only does motor oil tend to be thicker in colder weather, but who wants to run errands during the coldest of months. Get your oil changed so you don’t have to worry about it for a while.

Check your tire tread. Check over your tires for any damage, check proper inflation, and check the tread. Winter is the time when tires need to be functioning at peek levels. Stop in if we can help you with anything tire related.

Keep a full tank of gas. Hopefully moisture doesn’t find its way into your gas tank, but the best defense is not letting your gas tank get too low during the coldest of weather. When possible, a full tank of gas is best. It’s also safer should you unexpectedly get stuck alongside the road.

Winter survival gear is a must. Get a winter survival kit in your car, along with extra warm clothing for every family member, blankets, and a shovel. Don’t leave home without it.

Here is some more information about driving in Minnesota during the winter from the MN Department of Public Safety.