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Top Reasons to Shop TireZoo

What’s your reason for shopping the TireZoo? We’d love to hear from you.  Here’s the top reasons our customers keep coming back:


We have the largest inventory to help locate one or more of just about any tire you may need.


Two convenient locations in Bloomington and Anoka, MN

Lease Returns

The tires on your lease return will pass inspection with our help.


We bust myths at the TireZoo. Like one bad tire means replacing all four.

New and Used Tires- Both!

We carry every major brand and style of new and used tires; other places don’t.

Listen and Care

You’ll find us ready to answer the phone, assist when you stop by, visit on Facebook, and listen on Twitter to what YOU have to say. Give us a call and mention this post! 1-800-761-2013 or 1-800-421-2037.