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Can potholes cause flat tires?

Have you noticed an extraordinary number of potholes this spring? If you have, you are not alone. Not only does it seems like there are potholes everywhere, many are wider and deeper than usual. Hit one while you are driving, and you are bound to notice! In all the years of helping people with tires, we’ve never seen so many problems from potholes as we’re seeing now.

Potholes, Everywhere!

While hitting potholes doesn’t necessarily spell disaster, they can cause problems that take a little while for you to notice.

To check for any damage caused by pot holes, we recommend that you take a look at your tires. If your vehicle has lower profile tires (many new vehicles do) then there is less rubber between the tire and rim. When you hit a pothole or many potholes, the cords inside the tire break. While you won’t see the broken cords inside the tire, you will notice a bulge protruding on the outside of your tire. If you notice an outward bulge on your tire, get the tire off your vehicle so you don’t have a blowout while driving. However, if you notice a bulge in (inward indenting) it’s not as critical.

Another way to check for possible damage caused by potholes is to drive at a slow speed. While you are driving, pay attention to the steering wheel. If you feel a slight (or not so slight) back-and-forth motion on the steering wheel, that is an indication of a separated tire, and a bulge on the tread. Have your tires checked right away.

If you are not sure what you are seeing, or would like us to help you inspect your tires, we can do that for you. You don’t have to endure the battle of the bulge alone. Your TireZoo Crew is here to help!