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11th Wedding Anniversary Gift of Steel

Ok, we’ll admit that the gift of steel isn’t the same as getting diamonds for your 60th anniversary, but it sure beats your first anniversary gift of paper! If you love tradition or the challenge of finding something for each of the landmark anniversaries, then we have a great idea for you!

Why not give the gift of wheels? They’re pretty. They’re shiny. They’re round like your wedding ring. And they’re almost as cool as diamonds!

Anniversary Gift List

1st- paper

2nd- cotton

3rd- leather

4th- linen

5th- wood

6th- iron

7th- copper

8th- bronze

9th- pottery

10th- tin/aluminium

11th- steel

12- silk

13th- lace

14th- ivory

15th- crystal

20th- china

25th- silver


35th-  jade/coral

40th- rubies

45th- sapphires

50th- gold

55th- emeralds

60th- diamonds

If you’ve received wheels for a gift, tell us about it. We’d also love to hear from you if you’d love to receive something for your vehicle as a gift.