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Spring Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

  1. Spring Vehicle Maintenance ChecklistWash thoroughly. The salt used on roads in Minnesota during the winter is very hard on vehicles and needs to be washed off well, including undersides of wheel-wells, etc. 
  2. Replace wiper blades if you haven’t replaced them since last summer. At the very least, check them over.
  3. Refill window washer fluid.
  4. Check your tires over for low tread, bulges, proper inflation.
  5. Check over your spare tire to make sure its in satisfactory condition, bolts holding it in place haven’t rusted, and it’s properly inflated.
  6. Time for an oil change and any other regularly scheduled maintenance according to your vehicle manual.
  7. Peel off any of last year’s stickers and seasonal passes from the windshield.
  8. Check your glove compartment box for most recent proof on insurance.
  9. Take care of any service-now sensors or check engine lights that have come on.
  10. Test your air conditioner before you need it.


What you would you add to this list? Let us know if we can help make sure you reliable tires on your vehicle.