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7 Signs Tires Should be Replaced

You want to drive on safe tires. Nobody likes to have car trouble, and for the most part, you can avoid having tire trouble by replacing your tires at the first sign something isn’t right.

Here are seven signs tires should be replaced:

Sign #1: Cracking- Cracking signifies a breakdown in the tire. Often caused by age and exposure to elements, a visibly cracked tire needs to be replaced before it leaks and goes flat at an inopportune time.

Sign #2: Tire Noise– Unnecessary vibration can mean your tires aren’t balanced or are not aligned. While it can be other issues with your car too, you’ll want to have unusual noise and vibration checked out as soon as possible. It’s good to “get to know” your car and how it typically sounds and drives so that you’re more in-tuned to changes as they happen.

Sign #3: Uneven Wear– It isn’t good if your tires are wearing on the inside or outside of the tire. If you notice this, you need to have the tires check and possibly replaced as soon as possible. Uneven wearing is often a sign of poor tire pressure (over or under inflated), imbalanced tires, or alignment is off.

Sign #4: Low Tread– Low tread just means your tires have likely served you well and seen their better days of proving better safety and traction. Pay attention to low tread and replace your tires before it’s too low.

Sign #5: Bulge- Bulges aren’t normal and are an indication that something serious is wrong with your tire. Often bulges signify internal cords are broken in the tire. Bulges won’t self correct and can cause tire blow-outs. Bulges supersede tread depth, and a tire with good tread with a bulge should be replaced.

Sign #6: Pulling- If your vehicle is more difficult to steer and feels like it is pulling to the left or right, there could be a problem with your tires. Have your tires and your vehicle checked out immediately. While it can be a misalignment issue with your tires, it can also be a symptom of more significant issues with your vehicle’s suspension.

Sign #7: Age- If your tires are getting old, passed the manufacture date, it is a good idea to get them replaced. Vehicles in storage or that get driven small amounts may have tires with good tread and seemingly  good condition. However, tires breakdown over time. Have them check out. To read the manufacture date on your tires, go here.

If you have an questions about the quality of your tires, don’t hesitate to stop by the TireZoo in Anoka or Bloomington to let us take a look.