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School Safety Zones

school safety zones mnWe all share the responsibility of keeping kids safe on public streets as they make their way to and from school. School safety zones are established to heighten awareness, control speed, and regulate safety precautions. Speed limits are a large part of school safety zones and have very specific times associated with them. For Minnesota drivers, you can read more about school safety zones and laws from MN DOT.

If there is an area in your community near a school that you feel isn’t designated a school safety zone, you can read more about how the MN DOT determines school speed zones and traffic studies by the Public Health Law Center.

Each fall National School Bus Safety Week aims to make everyone more aware of keeping kids safe. Every driver, bus driver, student, teacher, and parents needs to pitch in and keep our roadways and walkways safe for kids. National School Bus Safety Week this year is October 19-23, 2015. You can find more information and resources here.