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Repurposing Old Tires into Fall Decor

Repurposing Old Tires into Fall DecorIf you are looking for some unique fall or Halloween decor ideas or have some old tires and rims to you want to repurpose, we’ve got ideas for you!

Decorating Tires

The TireZoo has a board on Pinterest called “Tire and Wheel Repurposing” that is filled with ways to transform your old tires into something decorative or useful. We’ve added ideas to make old tires into pumpkins and fall wreaths that your neighbors aren’t likely to have, right?!

If you have a tire swing hanging in the front yard, try adding a scarecrow, large stuffed animal in a costume or other creature to make your yard festive (or creepy) depending on which you’d rather do.


One of our most popular blog post is “Transportation and Auto Related Costume Ideas for Halloween” that has both costume and decorating ideas.

If you need an old tire for a project, stop by and see us in Anoka or Bloomington. Remember to always properly dispose of old tires so they can be recycled.