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Reporting Potholes in Minnesota

reporting potholesDid you know you can and should report potholes? Not only are they unsightly and a nuisance, they can be a road hazard and a danger to your tires too.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation offers information and resources for reporting potholes, depending on the road and its location.

If you hit a pothole and are worried about damage to your tire, please stop in and see one of our tire technicians who can help determine damage, if any. The Tire Zoo has two convenient locations in Anoka, MN in the northern metro, as well as in Bloomington, MN on Lyndale Avenue, not too far from 494.

Can you file a claim? In addition to the information on the MNDOT website, you can read more on Minnesotans filing claims for damages caused by potholes in the Star Tribune.

Please drive safe and report potholes!