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Planning a Road Trip

planning a road tripAre you planning a road trip this summer? Whether your are a seasoned road “tripper” or you’re heading out on your first long road trip ever, a bit of planning can be the difference between a great experience and a week you’d like to forget.

Tips for Planning a Road Trip

  1. Start early. Make reservations and appointments ahead of time.
  2. Get your oil changed and check over your tires. Tell your mechanic you’re planning a road trip so any issues can be addressed.
  3. Consider an app like Roadtrippers that lets you plug in your starting point and final destination, and then gives you points of interest along the way, including hotels, attractions, and natural wonders.
  4. Check out our Pinterest boards organized to provide ideas for “Road Trip Entertainment” for kids and restless riders, as well as good “Travel Snack” ideas. 
  5. Here is a .pdf link to our travel scavenger hunt you can print off.
  6. Plan some ways you can save money on your road trip.
  7. Ask friends and family who have been to places along the way for their recommendations of where to stay and what to visit. 

If you need help checking the safety and condition of your tires before you head out on your road trip, stop by the Tire Zoo in Bloomington or Anoka, Monday through Saturday. Safe travels!