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Pick Up Old Tires for Earth Day

pick up old tires for earth day 2014Earth Day 2014 is Tuesday, April 22, and the day is dedicated to promoting sustainability and care of the Earth’s environment. Tires are something that should not be discarded or stored in our environment. Instead, tires that have reached the end of their lifespan should be brought to a facility that accepts old tires. In many cases there is a small disposal fee for getting rid of the tire, but proper disposal is important. The TireZoo charges a $3.00 tire disposal fee.

Pick Up Old Tires and Give Them New Purpose

Tires can be recycled and given new purpose. Tires that are illegally dumped or stored pose many health risks. Just a few minutes of cleaning up garbage, including old tires, can help keep our cities, countryside, parks and nature areas clean and beautiful.

If you are looking to repurpose only one old tire, why not make a tire swing?

Are you participating in any Earth Day events this year? Do you have a tradition you can share?