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Over or Under Inflating Your Tires

under inflating your tiresIt’s important to periodically check your tire pressure. This is something that changes over time, and isn’t something that you can “check and forget it”. Get in the habit of checking your tire pressure at every oil change and each time you head out for a long road trip.

Under Inflating Your Tires

Driving with your tires under-inflated is dangerous because it wears on the outside of your tires faster. Under-inflated tires aren’t good for your gas mileage either.

Over inflating your tires

Over-inflated tires will also wear on your tires more quickly, causing unnecessary wear, hazards, and expense.

With winter here, be aware that cold weather can affect your tire pressure too. Recheck to make sure they are properly inflated, no more or less than 5 PSI of what is recommended for your tires. Check your vehicle manual for specific information or stop by the TireZoo to have a technician make sure your tires are safe for all the winter driving ahead. Remember, if you have one tire that is bad, we can help you replace just that tire to match the existing tread and life of the remaining tires on your vehicle.