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Nitrogen Filled Tires

Are you or your family looking for ways to save money, increase gas mileage, and decrease your carbon footprint? Nitrogen filled tires may not be worth the expense, but there sure has been a lot of buzz about it lately. I’ll do my best to explain it to those who are wondering what the buzz is about, as well as offer our stance on providing this service.

What is nitrogen filled tires?

The easy explanation is exactly as the question implies. It is the process of filling tires with nitrogen. The claim is that regular air is corrosive due to the oxygen content and can eat away at the tires from the inside. However, the same air is on the outside of the tire, which in my opinion debunks this claim. Tires are going to be exposed to air.

What is the ARGUMENT for filling tires with nitrogen?

Nitrogen filled tires are supposed to improve your gas mileage and not fluctuate (tire) pressure as much, in extreme temperatures such as ours in Minnesota. Nitrogen is stable and rarely fluctuates at all, or so is the claim, whereas most standard air tires will fluctuate between 3 to 7 psi  during the changing seasons. However, I believe it is dangerous to make customers think they can rely on steady tire pressure and not have to check on tire pressure as often. At the TireZoo, we recommend that you check your air pressure AT LEAST monthly, if not more frequently.

Are Nitrogen Filled Tires a Greener Option?

The way that this is seen as a “greener option”, is IF filling your tires with nitrogen substantially increases gas mileage. How much of an improvement in gas mileage will nitrogen filled tires make? I am not sure. I know that people desire to find more ways to make travel “green”, which I think is great. However, there seems to be a lack of any statistical proof, at least that I’ve seen, which makes this issue so controversial. Google “Nitrogen Tires”, and you’ll find a plethora of sites discussing this issue. There are as many sites recommending it, as sites calling it a scam. 

At this time, I think it’s an expensive add-on and gimmick. The TireZoo does not offer this service.

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