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More Travel Snack Ideas

If you commute, drive carpool, or simply spend a lot of time in the car, then having plenty of simple travel snack ideas in your repertoire can be helpful.

travel snack ideasIf you’re a visual person, then taking a look at some food ideas and packing/storage solutions can help you plan. Take a look at some of these ideas, as well as this creative use of a bead box for organizing a variety of children’s snacks.

And while most business men and women aren’t likely to eat their snack on a string, this idea is likely to be a huge hit with kids; make a necklace out of pretzels, cereal and other items that are simple to string and bite off.

It never hurts to keep a small garbage bag or container, some wet wipes, and plenty of extra napkins in the vehicle too.

What snacks do you pack that travel well? Here are some more great travel snack ideas on our Pinterest board.