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Minneapolis Tires to the Pavement, Artistic Style!

painted cars, tires, and bikes; Minneapolis, MNHave you heard of ArtCars? The Minnesota ArtCar Parade in Minneapolis this summer, around Lake Harriot featured all kinds of artistically decorated cars and bikes. Maybe you’ve seen one of these creations driving the streets or parked at a residence?

From creative painting, to three dimensional objects, and costumed drivers/riders, ArtCars are interesting to say the least. Tires and rims are painted, bedazzled, and worked into endless interesting designs. The sky is the limit when a you have unlimited paint and glue!

If you missed the parade earlier this summer, you can catch an encore of sorts at the Minnesota State Fair Daily Parade. Each day at 2pm that parade follows a fourteen block route through the fairgrounds and will feature at least 3 ArtCars and ArtBikes. The Minnesota State Fair starts August 22, 2013 and runs through Labor Day, September 2, 2013. Click here for a Google map of the Minnesota State Fair.

Glued items and painted creativity on Minneapolis ArtCars No object is immune to being used in an art creation. Check it out!