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How to Measure Tire Size

measure tire sizePeople often ask how to measure tire size. However, you don’t actually measure tire size. Instead, you determine what size tires you need for your specific automobile. To figure out the proper size tire for your car or truck you have a few options.

Option 1: Pull out your vehicle manual and look up the recommended tire size.

Option 2: Give us a call and we’ll ask a few questions and figure it out for you. Bloomington: 952-884-9343, Anoka: 763-421-2004

Option 3: Look on the sidewall of your existing tires. All the information you need is right on your tire! Find a number that looks like: P265/50/R20 This series of numbers refers to tread width, sidewall height, and rim diameter. Armed with this information you’ll know exactly what size replacement tire you are shopping for without having to do any “measuring”.

For more information on what all the markings on the side of your tires mean, read “How to Read the Side of Your Tires.”