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Like-New Tires

Buying used tires at the TireZoo means they are often like-new tires. We carry a very large inventory of quality used tires in many brands and sizes, as well as tread depth so we can help people match the tread on their existing tires when they only have to replace one or more tires.

If you are looking for one, two, three, or a complete set of four like-new tires, give us a call with the tire size or your vehicle make/model/year. We’ll be happy to let you know what we have in stock. We have locations in both Anoka and Bloomington, MN. Our inventory is very large, but changes everyday, so give us a call!

Like New Tires

Like-New Tires Reviews

“I bought my first set of used tires from the TireZoo, and found out how good used tires can be; and how much I can save. They are very trustworthy and fast.” 

“I just bought used tires for the first time in my life, and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. I got  like-new tires that have 30,000+ miles left on them. I saved some significant money and have the peace of mind that the help at the TireZoo know what they are doing and stand behind the product and service.”


Give us a call at 800.421.2037 – Anoka / 800.761.2013 – Bloomington or fill out the form below.