Lease Return Tires

Lease Return TiresDo you lease a vehicle? If you lease a vehicle and are approaching a lease return, we can help you find tires that will pass lease inspection.

In many cases, our customers bring in their lease vehicles to us first to inspect tires. When the tread is worn too low to pass inspection, we can find the right sized quality used tires and put them on your vehicle so you pass inspection and avoid excess fees and/or tire replacement costs. 

Our quality used tires are in excellent condition. Stop in and let us help you!

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Are New Tires on Your Back to School List?

new tires on back to school shopping listEarly August just seems to be too early to think about back-to-school anything. Try as we might to ignore it, the big box stores have all the bins of crayons and tablets shoved to the front of the store. Whether you like to shop now to get the best selection or deals, or wait until the last minute possible, if tires are on your back to school list, the Tire Zoo can help.

“Thought I needed a new set of 4 tires. I gave them a call, and they had my tire with a similar (50%) tread depth. Cost me 10% of what a new set would have cost…Very happy!” Jonathan 

Ways our customers Save money on new tires:

  • Everyday affordable prices- we have very affordable prices on new and used tires, as we are able to carry many brands of new and used tires.
  • Coupons- check out the discounts and coupons to help you save more money on new tires or used tires.
  • Student discounts and military discounts available- bring ID and get 10% off purchase
  • Upfront pricing – we don’t have hidden fees or surprises along they way. When we quote you a price on tires, we let you know the mounting and balancing cost too.
  • Quality used tires- opt to buy quality used tires instead of new to save money, when what you need is a better set of tires. 
  • Buy only what you need- if only one tire needs replacing, we’ll help you match the tread of the existing tires so you only spend on what you need.
  • No pressure to buy what you don’t want or need. We’re here to help you stay safe on the road and find the best tire options for your needs.

“Nice people- put my summer tires on for much less than their competitors. I’ll go back again.” Tom

Stop in Anoka or Bloomington and see if we can help you save money on your tires before you head back to school!



Military Discount on Tires

Military Discount on TiresJust a quick reminder that the TireZoo of Anoka and Bloomington offers a 10% Military Discount on Tires. Simply let us know and show your Military ID, and we’ll take 10% off your next tire purchase. 

The TireZoo sells almost all brands of new and quality used tires in any number you need. If you only need one or two tires, we’ll help you match tread to your existing tires. Save money when you don’t buy what you don’t need!

You can rely on friendly, knowledgeable, no-pressure service at the TireZoo. Stop by and see us today!

Reduce Mosquito Population

reduce mosquito populationWith so many diseases spread by mosquitoes, it’s important that we all do what we can do reduce the mosquito population. It’s been long known that standing bodies of water are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. However, it isn’t just ponds and bodies of water that we need to address. Mosquitoes need small amounts of stagnant water to lay eggs, so make sure you do what you can to find them all.

No Rain Lately?

Even if there hasn’t been much rain in your area, water from washing cars, kids playing, lawn sprinkling systems, sump pump hose, etc can create enough of a puddle for mosquitoes to thrive. Some places like ponds or culverts you can’t necessarily drain, but you can buy mosquito treatment cakes to add to the water to reduce the mosquito population by stopping breeding. Some fish and other critters eat mosquito larvae, so stocking ponds with fish when appropriate is another way to help control what you can’t drain.

Here are a few places to check so you can help reduce the mosquito population

  • Old tires and rims (recycle tires at the TireZoo)
  • Flower pots and watering containers
  • Ditches and culverts
  • Clogged gutters and drain spouts
  • Wagons and bike trailers
  • Sandbox and pool toys
  • Lawn ornaments and bird baths
  • Little swimming/wading pools
  • Gardening tools, wheelbarrows, buckets
  • Sporting Equipment; Frisbees, helmets
  • Toolboxes
  • Barbecue grills and fire pits
  • Pool, hot tub, and boat covers
  • Garbage cans and lids
  • Pet water dishes


Planning a Road Trip

planning a road tripAre you planning a road trip this summer? Whether your are a seasoned road “tripper” or you’re heading out on your first long road trip ever, a bit of planning can be the difference between a great experience and a week you’d like to forget.

Tips for Planning a Road Trip

  1. Start early. Make reservations and appointments ahead of time.
  2. Get your oil changed and check over your tires. Tell your mechanic you’re planning a road trip so any issues can be addressed.
  3. Consider an app like Roadtrippers that lets you plug in your starting point and final destination, and then gives you points of interest along the way, including hotels, attractions, and natural wonders.
  4. Check out our Pinterest boards organized to provide ideas for “Road Trip Entertainment” for kids and restless riders, as well as good “Travel Snack” ideas. 
  5. Here is a .pdf link to our travel scavenger hunt you can print off.
  6. Plan some ways you can save money on your road trip.
  7. Ask friends and family who have been to places along the way for their recommendations of where to stay and what to visit. 

If you need help checking the safety and condition of your tires before you head out on your road trip, stop by the Tire Zoo in Bloomington or Anoka, Monday through Saturday. Safe travels!

Closed on July 4th

The TireZoo of Anoka and Bloomington will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th in honor of Independence Day. Both locations will be open regular business hours on Monday, July 3rd and Wednesday, July 5th. 

The TireZoo

Tires Wearing Prematurely

Tires Wearing PrematurelyWhy would your tires be wearing prematurely? There are things you can do to prevent tires wearing prematurely, and some are quite simple.

10 tips to help avoid your tires wearing prematurely
  1. Make sure you start with proper tread on your tires. We sell quality used and new tires, and will give you how many miles you can expect from the tread.
  2. Keep an eye on the tread and condition of your tires. 
  3. Check the pressure in your tires regularly. Whether you drive your vehicle all the time or it frequently sits unused, get in the habit of checking your tire pressure regularly. 
  4. Maintain the proper air pressure in the tires at all times. Under inflated or over inflated will both wear your tires prematurely, as well as effect your gas mileage. 
  5. The best time to measure the tire pressure is when the tires are cold, so don’t wait until after a long drive to check on them. Measure before you head out.
  6. Check the tread on your tires to make sure they are wearing evenly. Uneven wear can be a sign of other things wrong with your vehicle. Tires showing early signs of uneven wear will wear out prematurely if not corrected.
  7. Make sure your wheels are aligned and balanced properly to ensure even wear. If you need help, stop by the TireZoo. 
  8. Avoid quick stops and starts. The more aggressive your driving, the faster the wear on your tires.
  9. Never screech your tires. If you are hearing your tires, it’s not a good thing.
  10. Talk to the experts at TireZoo for advice on how best to care for your new tires. We’re here to help!

How to Read a Tire

How to read a tire isn’t as difficult at it may initially seem. Should you need to tell someone what kind of replacement tire you need for your vehicle, you can find it in your manual or usually on the inside of your driver’s side door. You can also always check the tire itself, and here is how to read a tire and what the numbers mean. Granted the printing may not be in white, but rather raised letters and numbers. 

how to read a tire

If you have any questions about the type or size tire you need, just stop by either of our locations in Anoka or Bloomington, MN and we’ll take a look. We can find you what you need in new or quality used tires, in one, two, three, or sets of four.

TireZoo Reviews

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TireZoo Reviews from Clients:

“I know where I am getting tires from now on, TireZoo was great with their services, time, and professionalism, great place to go for slightly used tires. Thanks Guys” Kristie

“Hey, likewise @TireZoo !! You guys have always taken care of me with great products, service, & prices #wordofmouth” @isaac_merchserv via Twitter

“@tirezoo fixed me up with new meats for my Jeep. Great service, great price.” @wwdevins via Twitter

“#1 in Customer Service and have very good prices. Had a issue with one of the tires i purchased and they were quick to warranty it and get it replaced in no time at all. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a decent set of tires.” J.S.

“Purchased wheels at a great price!” T.B.

“@DeRushaJ @tirezoo That’s where I go!! Yes, great!” TM via Twitter

“Not a sponsored tweet: @tirezoo in Anoka has great service.” That is all. Jason D. via Twitter

“Just last week went in to the Bloomington location. I am glad I was referred to go there by a friend. I am a single mom of two boys and on a budget and they put new wheels and tires on my car!! I felt the prices were the cheapest around town!”  Renee via Facebook

“Wow. Really great service at @tirezoo in Bloomington. Got yourself a repeat customer and will be sending people. #gettingtires” via Twitter~ Nick T.

“I am very pleased with the service from Tire Zoo.” Laurie A.

“I purchased 2 used tires, a week later I had a problem. I went back and was taken care of quickly and courteously. I will be a return customer. Thank you” Laurie

“I’m kind of a novice tire guy. These guys were friendly, knowledgeable, and quick. I told my gearhead buddy what I paid for them installed and he thought I was kidding. Needless to say, he went shortly afterwards. Not sure how these guys pull it off, but my entire family goes out of their way to come up here. We live in Burnsville. Thanks Tirezoo!” Reno via Google

“I bought my first set of used tires from the TireZoo, and found out how good used tires can be; and how much I can save. They are very trustworthy and fast.” Anonymous via Google

“Nice tires for cheap price, very happy” Tink via Google

“Tire Zoo! I found you today on the internet, talked to Pete who was so helpful. Stopped by your Bloomington location and within 20 minutes Paul had solved my tire problem. Thanks guys! Your advice and expertise helped me save hundreds of dollars this holiday season and I’ll be back in 20,000 miles when I need a full set of all weather tires!” E.G. via Facebook

“Exceptional Service-I will be returning to these guys for all of my tires. Cal helped me out and took the time to explain all of my options it was the most professional service I’ve received at any store, bar none. Thanks Guys You Have A Customer For Life.” Dean2007 via CitySearch Reviews

“Nice people, put my summer tires on for much less than their competitors. I’ll go back again.” Tom via Google

Five Stars from RJ on Google Local Reviews

“Had a rear tire fixed and couldn’t be happier with the experience. Fast and easily the best price around. I highly recommend this place.” Osbourne cox via Google

“Excellent service. Excellent prices. Saved me $450 by fixing a tire other mechanics at corporate shops said needed to be replaced along with the other three for even wear. Fact: Tire shops can even the wear on tires to match the level of wear on your other three. This place was honest and just plugged the hole instead of trying to sell me a new or used one. I know were I’ll be going when time comes for tire replacement. Thanks TireZoo!” SavyConsumer via Google

“Super fast service!” Michael via Google

“Purchased wheels at a great price!” Troy via Google

“Great tires at a great price. I would definitely check them out next time I need tires just because of the price, but because of how well they’ve taken care of me after the sale I won’t even shop around, I will just buy tires from them, they are MY tire guys.” Mike via Google

“I was amazed. I needed a couple of used tires for an old utility trailer. I was taken to the used tires and shown the options. After making my selection, I was told the exact price and that they would be ready in 10-15 minutes. I ran an errand to one store and they were ready. I am exceptionally pleased with the service and the price. I will tell my friends!” FlashGorden via Google

“Thought I needed a new set of 4 tires. I gave them a call and they had my tire with a similar (50%) tread depth. Cost me 10% of what a new set would have cost. The guy said it would take about 45 minutes to get the car in and get the tire on….I was out of there in 20 minutes. Very happy!” Jonanthan via Google

“Tire Zoo is a great shop with good service and good pricing! I have recommended to everyone that says they need tires! Every time I just drop in they take care of me right away, with no appt. THANKS TIREZOO!” Deni via Google

“Great service and prices. I had new tires put on my car very quickly with no appointment.” Srebla via Google

“Best Prices, Best Selection, and Best Customer Service in Minnesota! Since I know very little about tires, I thought I would be taken advantage of and be sold the most expensive tires (which has happened in the past at Discount Tires), but after explaining my driving situation and needs for my tires (high mileage/low cost) I was offered a variety of sets of tires that met my requirements and a knowledgeable explanation of how each could benefit my commute. Not only did I get a great set of tires, but quick mounting and balancing, and friendly, knowledgeable service! I will be back for new tires on my wife’s car very soon and recommend Tire Zoo/All Season Tire to all my friends and family….. I never thought I would be so excited about purchasing tires!” Kyle via Google

“You guys are awesome! Thanks for making a stressful situation so easy! Gonna tell everyone I know about you! Thanks for being such a trusted place.” Dawn S. via Facebook

“My son’s minor mishap bouncing off a curb caused rim and wheel damage. I was VERY pleased with the repair costs and service from your Bloomington facility. It was one of those times I was stressed yet couldn’t have been happier with my experience with you. Thank you!” Randy W. via website

“Wow, fast service at a great price. Check Tire Zoo first!” Tom via Google

“I needed new tires for my VW Jetta. Last time I purchased new off-brand tires and paid $1,000. This time I went to TireZoo and got a set of Michelin tires with 75% of the original tread wear remaining for $300. Not only did I save money, but the staff had me in & out in about 45 minutes. I love these guys!” Brian T. via Facebook

“I just bought used tires for the first time in my life, and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. The tires I bought are like-new and have 30,000+ miles left on them. I saved some significant money and have the peace of mind that the help at the TireZoo know what they are doing and stand behind the product and service. Best of all, people will stop telling me that my tires are bald. 🙂 Thanks TireZoo in Bloomington!” Beth G.

“I was in serious need for new tires but could not bring myself to spend that kind of money. A friend recommend I check out I got four new “used” tires, 85% tread life for a great price. And, they got them installed and balanced in 42 minutes. How cool is that. Never buying new tires again!” CanadianDude via Google

“My wife and I have used All Season Tire for the past 10 years when purchasing both new and used tires and also for our tire repair needs. There is never pressure to purchase the most expensive tires that you often will find at 99% of all other tire shops. They outfit your vehicle with superior quality tires that also fit into your budget, they take the time to explain everything to you and answer your questions, and serve all of their customers with honesty and integrity. We plan on using them for many years to come.”  Brian J.

“You guys are the greatest tire distributors in the history of the planet.” SM via Fan Page

“Fastest most professional service in town” AA via Google Reviews

“We have been outfitting mine and my families tires with All Season/TireZoo for years. Their knowledge of what you need when you explain what you do with your vehicle is second to none. Forget being sold the top of the line tire to pad commissions, when a $70 Radial is all you need. I seriously couldn’t recommend these guys higher.‎” TM via Google Reviews

“I don’t live nearby anymore but still go back every time. The used tires are super cheap and reliable. When I got one today it was mounted and ready to roll in under 10 minutes.‎” J via Google Reviews

MN Road Construction

mn road constructionThere are plenty of MN road construction projects each summer, and this one is no exception. While road construction and detours can be a headache, it’s good to remember that roads in good condition help to keep our vehicles and tires in better condition. Hitting rutty roads and potholes take a toll on tires and can cause damage.

The best place to check for closed, detours, and slow downs due to construction is the current construction page of the MN Department of Transportation website.  For current travel conditions and alerts, visit MN 511. To report a hazardous road condition, debris, or potholes, go here.

If you’ve hit a pothole or other sketchy surface and are worried about damage to your tires, stop in and have us take a look. Anoka or Bloomington. We’re here to help!