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How to Read the Side of Your Tire

how to read the side of your tireThe side of your tire is called a “sidewall”, and it contains important information about your tire. While you many not need to know some of this information during the life of your tire, it can come in handy when replacing a tire and matching existing tires or looking up the proper inflation pressure for the tire. It’s also important to know how to read the manufacture date on tires, especially if you are getting a used tire from someone.

When you buy new or used tires from the TireZoo, we carefully inspect tires to make sure you are getting quality, reliable tires. There can be a lot wrong with used tires, so you need to go to some place you can trust, like the TireZoo, or make yourself very knowledgeable about tires.

How to Read the Side of Your Tire

The sidewall will have a series of numbers from left to right. The first letter is the TYPE of tire it is. For most people it is a P for passenger vehicle tires. Next is TIRE WIDTH, ASPECT RATIO, and the CONSTRUCTION. The construction is usually “Radial”. Next comes WHEEL DIAMETER, LOAD INDEX, and SPEED RATING.  To learn more about speed rating, read “Tire Speed Rating Explained”.

Tire Manufacture Date

You’ll also see DOT on the tire. After that is a series of numbers with a four digit number at the end signalling a week and year the tire was manufactured. (2314 would be the 23th week of the 2014 year).

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